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The Skystar 180 tactical aerostat system is a small size highly mobile aerostat suitable for tactical mid-range surveillance defense and security applications as well as public safety, police and military applications. By providing an elevated platform, well above the field of operation, the system offers an indispensable, dominating view of the scene below.
The system is based on a towable trailer and consists of a stabilized day/night electro-optical payload suspended from a helium filled aerostat that is tethered to a ground system, and a Portable Ground Control Station (PGCS).

The aerostat is operated continuously, at wind velocity of up to 40 knots. It can lift a payload of up to 18 kg. Skystar 180 provides prolonged medium range surveillance coverage from an altitude up to 1,000 feet (300 meters) above ground level, and transmits the surveillance video and data to control station on the ground.
The system is easy to operate and cost effective.

The Growing Operational Demand For Persistent Surveillance

RT, with its extensive experience development and operations Systems, sees the ISR aerostat role as complementary to that of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). While a UAV is used for a whole range of ISR tasks, there will always be the need to protect fixed sites, such as military bases, temporary camps, strategic facilities and border crossing checkpoints.

The need for persistent surveillance is enhanced in a high risk operational environment of hostile civilian surrounding, where enemies can operate in clandestine. Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) activated against military forces near their bases and attempted attacks on military camps are also threats which require constant and reliable eyes in the sky.
The Skystar 180 is ideal for these duties thanks to its constant, 360°, 24-7, presence above a protected area, providing high quality surveillance and automatic scanning. Furthermore, the Skystar 180 presents outstanding tactical capabilities : it can operate up to 3 days straight with only a 20 minutes re-inflation break after 72 hours; it performs in all weather conditions; has high mobility and a very small logistical footprint; is simple to operate and is highly cost effective.

The Skystar 180 system has various options for expansion and customization with military and civilian applications.


• Unmanned Aerial ISR and target acquisition
• Border and coastal security
• Crisis and emergency management
• Law enforcement and public safety
• Search and Rescue
• Communication relay
• Offshore/onshore business continuity recovery
• Event Traffic / crowd control
• VIP Protection
• Environmental measurement
• Intelligence
• Media coverage
• Military base and strategic facilities protection


• Rapid transportation and deployment
• Persistent surveillance - 24/7 Presence
• 360° stabilized observation coverage
• Easy to operate and maintain
• Cost Effective - Low operation and maintenance costs
• Operational under all weather conditions and strong winds
• Accurate location and targeting
• High End payloads - Day/Night/Laser gyro stabilized payload
• Interface with C4I systems
• Full digital recording of mission video and data
• Customization and Expansion Options
• Operationally proven


Parameter Specification
Aerostat Diameter 19.5 ft (5.9m)
Wind Limit 40 knots
Operating Altitude (AGL) Up to 1,000 feet (~300m)
Endurance Up to 72 hours
Turn Around Time 20 min
Payload Max. Weight 18 kg
Temperature Resistance -35°  to 60°