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The unique design of the Skystar 250 aerostat allows for safe operations in high winds at maximum altitudes of 1,000 feet above ground level. The optical sensor suite is capable of high resolution day/night, omni-directional operation with zoom and video recording features. The well integrated and user-focused design approach enables the aerostat to be launched and recovered in less than 30 minutes by a maximum of three personnel with minimal skills and training; once deployed, only one person is needed to monitor the system and manage the sensor data. The medium SkyStar 250 system can be readily towed by a ground vehicle to a new location and all systems are palletized for ease of transportation by fixed or rotary wing aircraft.



• Force protection
• Perimeter and border security
• Maritime and harbor surveillance
• Law enforcement
• Traffic control
• Drug interdiction
• Forest fire control and management
• Disaster management
• Communications relay and reconstitution
• Special events and VIP protection
• Search and rescue
• Threat targeting


Parameter Specification
Aerostat Diameter 22.5 ft
Wind Limit 40 knots
Operating Altitude (AGL) Up to 1,000 feet
Endurance Up to 72 hours
Turn Around Time 20 min
Payload Max Weight 11kg
Temperature Resistance -35°  to 60°